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Sew Dandelions

Established 2023




New Providence, NJ, USA


Sewing Parties & Events

Play and learning go hand in hand especially when you are gathered as a group. There tends to be motivation and a joyful atmosphere where friends help friends - and at the end of the evening they all leave with something amazing that they made.

Our Mission

Give meaning to every textile, yarn, and seam, and promote innovative design by teaching the current and the next generations how to build lasting relationships with hands-on methods of construction: machine and hand sewing.

Sewing Lessons

Private sewing lessons for children and adults in the comfort of your home, while using the craft to explore creativity, fine-tuning motor skills and focus, and creating a new hobby.

About Sew Dandelions...

Drawing clothes and sewing with my grandmother when I was four years old and by the time I was eleven I was making my own designs and clothes. After high school I received a degree in visual arts and attended Parsons School of Design in NYC. I studied fashion design where I earned the prestigious Golden Thimble Award. Tim Gunn (Project Runway) was my Associate Dean at the time and his now famous catch phrase: “Make it work”, made us fashion students all roll our eyes. While raising a family, I worked with everything from designing delicate bridal and evening gowns to commercial textiles for hotel and boat use, and ended up in children’s wear - my favorite! My designs have been sold at a number of national retailers from TJ Maxx to Nordstrom. While on maternity leave and at home with my two, now adult, sons, I also taught extensively. From having my own fashion and sewing programs in art museums across Massachusetts, to costume making in Boston, I have additional experience in fashion portfolio prep and private art and sewing classes. While not a seamstress, I am a fashion and an art creator with the knowledge of basic hand sewing, how to finish a garment as if it were couture, and of course, sewing on a sewing machine, both home machines and industrial. I’m confident I’ll be able to teach you something.

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