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Established 2020




Chatham, NJ, USA


Upcycled Accessories

Everyday utility items sustainably made. Laptop sleeve, glasses case, BYOB bag, phone stand.

Handcrafted Jewelry

Elegant, handcrafted jewelry made from natural stones and pearls

Upcycled Bags

One of a kind vegan bags from excess denim, jute, upholstery, plastic bottles, and the innovative newspaper fabric. Totes, Crossbody, Hobo, Beach Bag and so on..

About GoodsAgain...

GoodsAgain is owned by a Chatham resident with a passion for sustainable products. It offers a curated selection of upcycled accessories and products, handcrafted from materials that were otherwise destined for landfills or oceans. Their products not just support the planet, but also create a meaningful social impact by uplifting under-represented artisans.

With ecofriendly packaging and inspiring maker stories, these products make truly unique gifts, be it for yourself or for someone special.

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