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Learning Path Nursery School & Day Care

Established 2009




300 Shunpike Road, Chatham Township, NJ, USA



We offer half day options, school day programs, extended care options, and camp adventures that are available to families.


TLP is proud to be a Nationally Accredited early learning program. To earn NAEYC Accreditation, The Learning Path went through a series of processes to verify eligibility.

Early Education

The Learning Path is a a high quality early learning center that serves children ages 2-5. It is our mission to offer children developmentally appropriate learning opportunities that foster growth.

About Learning Path...

The Learning Path grants children the opportunity to learn through the comfort of play, submerging them in skills that produce strong educational roots. Social interactions give children ongoing opportunities to think critically and problem solve. Our teachers are dedicated to offering intentional play activities that develop advanced expressive and conversational language skills, positive peer relationships, kindness and self-esteem.PHILOSOPHY OF LEARNING:
The Learning Path invests in high quality teachers who support teaching the whole child. Our schedule allows for an ongoing balance of individual and teacher led activities that allow
children to explore independent, center-based and whole group learning. In each of our classrooms teachers foster a growth mindset for their students. Allowing children the freedom to fail and the encouragement to persevere yield independent learners who are curious and eager to learn. PHILOSOPHY OF GROWTH:
The Learning Path is a safe and loving environment. Our small classrooms and low teacher to student ratios allow for a high volume of individual attention. The developmentally appropriate approaches that occur in each class allow for well-rounded growth and create excitement about learning. Individual attention, diversity, quality teachers and transitional practices equip our children with the skills they need for future learning. The early childhood years are rich with development and when fostered under the right philosophy can bloom into confidence, kindness and knowledge.

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