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Mission & Benefits

The Chatham Area Chamber of Commerce is an independent, voluntary not-for-profit organization of business and professional people sharing ideas, talents and resources to promote the economic welfare of our members and community as a whole.

We are a collective voice, advocating for the needs of local businesses and dedicated to supporting them, as they anchor and enrich our community by drawing in residents and neighbors from surrounding areas. 

We provide:

  • A collective platform for members to connect, network and collaborate with one another and engage with the residential/shopper community.

  • Support, resources and services to our members, to help them grow and thrive.

  • Advocacy amongst our local government, committees and residents to build a healthy, collaborative community environment.

We welcome members to our organization from businesses and backgrounds of all sizes and sectors, including but not limited to: 

  • Small and large business owners

  • Professionals (legal, medical, non profits and more)

  • Property owners

  • Community organizations

  • Educational Partners, Universities

Member Benefits 
Business growth, network expansion, advocacy, community connection.

Referrals & Discounts

  • Business Referrals.

  • Job postings on the Chamber Website.

  • Member to Member discounts & benefits.

Collective Voice & Advocacy

  • A collaborative platform for members to share ideas, unify business needs and receive support to help businesses thrive.

  • A collective voice, advocating for the needs of businesses & promoting the economic welfare of the Chatham Area community.

  • Uniting key stakeholders and local leaders.

Networking & Events

  • Networking opportunities through member meetings and events.

  • Interact and engage with the community through our "Experience Chatham: A Spotlight Series", an event series designed to ensure all businesses have an opportunity to engage with the community and highlight what they have to offer.

  • Participate in community activities that bring shoppers and diners to the area.

Marketing & Publicity

  • Chamber Website & Member directory.

  • Monthly bulletin. Submit your news, special offer, events and celebrations to be included in the monthly bulletin. Bulletins are published on the website and emailed to subscriber list.

  • Monthly Member Spotlights. A monthly member highlight in the bulletin and on social media.

  • Ribbon Cutting Package for events, openings, celebrations. Local leader presence, coverage in Monthly Bulletin, on social media, mini press release submitted to media contacts.

  • Facebook and Instagram recognition and presence.

  • Sponsorship opportunities to build brand awareness and receive public recognition across media platforms and marketing vehicles.

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