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Member Spotlight: Wisebite Nutrition

Meet Raksha...

A brief bio…. 

I am originally from Kampala (Uganda, East Africa). I relocated from Boston to Chatham three years ago, which marked a new, exciting chapter in my life, closely tied to the birth of my grandson (who lives in Chatham). I made a career pivot "from Pharma to Fork", becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. My career has taken me across the U.S., from Florida to California and Pennsylvania, enriching my expertise in life sciences, nutrition, and wellness.

As a newcomer to Chatham, with a rich professional background, I'm eager to learn about community health and wellness needs and to contribute to community well-being.  Here's to beginning a journey of mutual growth and wellness in Chatham!


How & why did you start your business?

My professional path began in clinical nutrition, focusing on cardiovascular health and chronic kidney disease at UCSF and Stanford, laying a solid foundation in health and wellness. The journey took an exciting turn as I ventured into the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, spending over two decades at the forefront of medical innovation.


Yet, the call to return to nutrition — my true passion — was undeniable. Relocating to Chatham inspired me to pivot back, launching a virtual private practice dedicated to personalized nutrition and wellness.

This transition from clinical settings to Pharma Biotech, and back to nutrition, has uniquely positioned me to offer comprehensive, evidence-based guidance to those looking to improve their health with Food as Medicine.

What do you love most about being a local business owner?

What I cherish most about being a local business, is the rich tapestry of connections it allows me to weave within the community.      

What do you want the community to know about your business and service offerings?

My practice is Food as Medicine. For EveryBODY seeking a better life, regardless of age, background, or health status. I am transforming healthcare through plant-based nutrition.

As a Midlife Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, I specialize in women's health and well-being pre and post-menopause. I also offer general, evidence-based, family guidance for sustainable, healthy eating. Our mission is to make nutritious living accessible and enjoyable for all.

I offer virtual nutrition coaching and am available for public speaking events.

Tell the community something about YOU as an individual, outside of your business role.

I enjoy traveling and hiking.                    

Advice you'd give to others looking to start a small/local business?

Don't give up, even when the road gets tough. Hang on tight to your vision and goals, and always prioritize your well-being along the journey. Remember, you're not alone—reach out for help and support whenever you need it.

Organizations you're involved in/causes you support?

I am a member of Plantrician Project, a non profit organization.

I volunteer for Dress for Success.           

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