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AT&T Store (Chatham Cellular)

Established 1999




259 Main Street, Chatham, NJ, USA



Power your workforce or daily life with a tablet from Apple or Samsung to boost your productivity on the go. We believe in simplicity.


Monitor you'r notifications, health, and keep up to date with a watch that works with your phone to be connected at all times.


Shopping Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or Google Pixel? Be sure to stop by and review our exclusive savings, services, and perks!

About The AT&T Store...

Chatham Cellular, The AT&T Store on Main Street, is owned and operated by Jassi Singh who established this location in 1999. Working with over 24 years of cellular experience, Jassi is your go-to for all things for technology. Specializing in consumer, business, and first responder wireless services, not only does Jassi provide fantastic consultations, but retails devices from Apple, Samsung, Google, JBL, Belkin, and many other big brands used daily.
Jassi offers plan savings for teachers, military members, veterans, and first responders to encourage savings in today’s world. “Community before sales” is his ideology and he proves it with every service and/or transaction made with him. For your next purchase for any Phones, Tablets, Wearables, or Accessories we hope you see you stop by and experience this for yourself.

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