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Chatham Orthodontics

Established 2008




33 Main St, Suite 104, Chatham, NJ 07928


Personalized Experience

Dr. Fodero's boutique practice approach means that patients can expect a more intimate and individualized experience. The focus is not only on achieving excellent orthodontic results but also on building long-term relationships with patients and providing exceptional customer service.

Confident and Healthy Smiles

Our mission is to give everyone a confident and healthy smile that lasts a lifetime. Orthodontic treatment is not just limited to teenagers! We offer "early treatment" for children that would benefit from early intervention to prevent larger orthodontic problems, as well as treatment for adults! Whether a person needs simple treatment, such as re-alignment from not wearing a retainer, to more complex forms of treatment, such as preparing for dental implants or jaw surgery, Dr. Fodero's expertise as a board-certified orthodontist, along with her amazing team, can ensure that everyone achieve a confident and healthy smile!

Warm & Welcoming Environment

Dr. Fodero and her team understand that every patient is different, and they take the time to listen to their concerns and design tailored treatment plans.

About Chatham Orthodontics...

Chatham Orthodontics is a boutique orthodontic practice located in Chatham, New Jersey. Owned and led by Dr. Barbara Fodero, it is known for its personalized and high-quality orthodontic care.

Chatham Orthodontics has been providing orthodontic treatment for children and adults by Dr. Barbara Fodero, a board-certified orthodontist with over 23 years of experience.

Dr. Barbara Fodero is a highly skilled orthodontist who brings her expertise and passion for creating beautiful smiles to the practice. As the owner, she takes pride in providing individualized attention to each patient, ensuring that their unique orthodontic needs and goals are met.

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