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Lucky Looks

Established 2022




20 Mountainside Dr, Chatham Township, NJ 07928, USA


Body glitter

They can be placed as a subtle statement for you to rock every day, or placed boldly for an event you really want to shine for.

Lip gloss & Glitter pots

Unlike plastic hair tinsel, Lucky Locks’ sparkles are soft, flexible, and lightweight, so they take on the personality of any hair shape.

Hair sparkles

Lucky Locks® are fine threads of sparkling silk made for your hair that come in your choice of 40+ mesmerizing colors to suit your style.

About Lucky Looks...

Lucky Locks is a unique brand that can elevate any look! My hair sparkles are made of silk and withstand any heat, bleach, or dye. I delicately tie them to one hair strand, and do not use any glue, tape or bead, so as to not damage the hair. They look and feel great in any hair!

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