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Kim Logsdon Business Consulting

Established 2011




72 Coleman Avenue Chatham nj 07928


Monthly Profitability Path Program Welcome to your new outsourced finance department! Our Monthly Profitability Path Program is your all-access pass to not just surviving, but thriving in the bustling entrepreneurial landscape. This comprehensive program is designed to keep your business financially fit and forward-moving, so you can focus on what you do best—living and leading a Zensational Lifestyle. Here’s what you’ll get every month: • All-inclusive Cash Flow Clarity: Building on the robust foundation of our acclaimed Cash Flow Clarity Program, you’ll continue to refine your financial mastery. • Meticulous Account Reconciliations: Say goodbye to financial discrepancies and hello to streamlined accounts. • Comparative Financial Analysis: Each month, we dive into your numbers compared to previous periods for growth tracking and strategy refinement. • KPI Dashboard Creation and Review: Visualize your success and adjust your strategies with tailor-made key performance indicator dashboards. • Bi-weekly Zoom Consulting: Every two weeks, connect with me for a power hour of strategic insights and forward planning. • Operational Tune-up: We’ll assess your operations and review your standard operating procedures to ensure everything is running as smooth as your morning coffee. Join forces with us, and let’s pave your path to profitability together. Ready to rev up your business engine and zoom past your goals? Let’s drive you towards health, happiness, and high profits. Let’s make every day exhilarating!

Financial Performance Review Program Kickstart your business’s financial health & wellness with our Financial Performance Review. Perfect for entrepreneurs who are ready to steer their venture towards clarity and success, this program is your first step towards a solid financial structure that supports sustained growth and peace of mind. Here’s what you’ll get with this stellar program: • Financial Reporting Setup: We lay the groundwork by setting up all necessary financial accounts, ensuring they’re ready to capture every dollar and cent with precision. • Comprehensive Reconciliation: Wave goodbye to mismatches with meticulous reconciliation of bank accounts, credit card statements, and loan statements. We make sure every transaction aligns perfectly with your records. • Cash Flow Analysis: Dive deep into your cash operations to ensure you’re maximizing every opportunity. We’ll help you understand the ebb and flow of your finances to better plan and predict your financial health. • Key Metric Analysis: We don’t just give you numbers, we give you insights. By analyzing crucial metrics, we help you pinpoint areas for improvement and celebrate your wins. Gear up for a journey of financial discovery and mastery. Ready to take control and make your finances a breeze? Let’s chart the course to profitability and fun together!

Embark on a transformative journey with our 90-Day Cash Flow Clarity Program, tailored just for the spirited entrepreneur eager to craft their dream lifestyle filled with peace, joy, and prosperity. Here’s what we’ll dive into: • Profit First Set-Up and Mastery: We start by laying the groundwork with a custom setup of the Profit First system, ensuring it meshes seamlessly with your business’s unique rhythm. • Financial Fitness Analysis: I’ll take a deep dive into your financial statements, not just to understand them, but to improve them. We’ll tweak your chart of accounts for better clarity and control. • Strategic Cash Management Enhancements: Once we have the basics nailed down, we’ll explore advanced strategies to boost your cash management processes. This means more profit, more growth, and more peace of mind. Join me to not just chase but catch your dreams. Let’s sprint towards health and happiness, and marathon our way to lasting success. Ready to transform your business and elevate your life? Let’s make it happen, together!

About Kim Logsdon Business Consulting...

At Kim Logsdon Business Consulting, we serve up a unique blend of business support that’s smooth, sustainable, and brewed to perfection. Tailored specifically for the vibrant small business community, from bustling coffee shops & craft breweries, and enthusiastic food and beverage entrepreneurs, we’re here to eliminate entrepreneurial anxiety with a rich, robust business experience. Imagine caffeinating your cash flow and sipping pretty while enjoying a Zensational Lifestyle™.

As a Mastery Certified Profit First Professional and a seasoned Pumpkin Plan Strategist, I use both the Profit First cash management process and The Pumpkin Plan Strategies to infuse your business practices with flavor and efficiency. With Profit First, you’ll learn the art of paying yourself first, enjoying the taste of profitability and success. Then, as your business begins to thrive, you’ll advance to The Pumpkin Plan Action Guide—a program designed to identify and remove the obstacles hindering your business growth, pushing you towards streamlined, healthy profits.

Our proprietary approach helps you expand your revenue and profit by focusing on your strengths and attracting your ideal clients. Think of the Pumpkin Plan as the spice in your business life, and my guidance as the path to crafting the life and business you’ve always wanted—profitable, rewarding, and perfectly balanced.

At Kim Logsdon Business Consulting, we are passionate about saving small businesses. We help you achieve your dreams, enrich your local community, and serve up exceptional experiences.

Struggling with your business strategy? Unsure how to build your cash reserves? Or perhaps you don’t even know what’s going wrong? Whether you're ready to shift your perspective, find your perfect balance, or feel more fulfilled in business and life, I’m here to help.

Leveraging extensive financial expertise, a background in health coaching, and our own proprietary DRIP methodology, I am dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of small business owners.

Are you ready to brew stronger business practices, craft steady and sustainable cash flow, and blend work and life into your ideal concoction? Let’s heat things up and get your business to its perfect temperature.

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